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U.S. Financial Reform: Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash. By Jake Bernstein One day Carmen Segarra purchased a tiny recorder at the Spy Store and began capturing what took place at Goldman Sachs. In the tale of what happened next lie revelations about

War photography shocked and sanitized, but changed little

By Jonathan Long, Durham University, The ConversationSeptember, 2014 Taken immediately after the ceasefire that ended the first Gulf War in 1991, Kenneth Jarecke’s photograph of the charred corpse of an Iraqi soldier in his burned-out jeep is one of the few memorable

Chris Wood on Canada’s Old Testament Economics

Outside Canada, writes Natural Security columnist Chris Wood,  dangerous magical thinking — what he calls Old Testament Economics — “is increasingly being called out for its error by economists more based in reality … a Reformation is sweeping the ecclesiastical strongholds of market

Chubby Checker, Twisting through the years

  Chubby Checker wasn’t getting much credit for his early contributions to rock ‘n’ roll during the disco dance craze of the 1970s.  Arts columnist Brian Brennan reports in his new time capsule piece that Checker viewed the popular dances of the day

Kool-Aid Economics

CHRIS WOOD: NATURAL SECURITY  September 26, 2014 Canadians have been aware for some time that their Prime Minister subscribes to an arcane fundamentalist strain of Christianity. Being the polite and generally go-along types we are, we have quite properly left his faith between

On Middle East context and media

  Put events in the Middle East in context, Thoughtlines columnist Jim McNiven urges in a new column. “Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are working their way through a kind of 100-years of religious war, partially similar to that between Protestants and Catholics that

The Poison in Afghanistan Politics

Afghanistan’s unity deal contains poisonous seeds which will pollute the country’s politics, writes International Affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe. Afghans turned out in their millions, defying Taliban and other threats, to have their votes cast. Ghani, Abdullah, with Kerry and other outsiders as handmaidens, over-rode

Afghan unity deal ensures future conflict

JONATHAN MANTHORPE    September 24, 2014 As rival candidates for power in Afghanistan signed a power-sharing deal on Sunday, an understandable sigh of relief swept through the corridors of power in those countries that have expended troops and treasure in the last dozen

Kimber’s book on The Cuban Five wins award

Big congratulations to Stephen Kimber, whose book What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five, won the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Award this weekend at the 2014 East Coast Literary Awards. The awards, which celebrate Atlantic writers and writing, were held Saturday at

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