The BRICS hit a wall: Manthorpe

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have not lived up to the grandiose hopes expressed for them 13 years ago, when it was predicted the developing countries would soon overtake the world’s top economies, writes International Affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe. An

Crumbling of the BRICs

JONATHAN MANTHORPEApril 30, 2014 There is probably little hope that when Terence James “Jim” O’Neill heard the news on Tuesday he buried his head under a pillow and groaned with embarrassment. But perhaps he should have done. It was O’Neill, who as

Moldova Teeters on Edge of Ukraine Turmoil

The global focus on Ukraine should expand to include Moldova, warns International Affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe Polls suggest that only 44 per cent of Moldovans favour EU membership, while support for a customs union with Russia has grown from 30 per cent

Putin’s other hand hovers over Moldova

JONATHAN MANTHORPEApril 25, 2014 As the West fixates on what Vladimir Putin is doing in eastern Ukraine, perhaps not enough attention is being paid to his other hand, which is hovering greedily over neighbouring Moldova. Moldova and its three-and-a-half million people, sandwiched

Rethinking Cancer: non-sexy, low-cost therapies

Increasingly, Big Pharma is betting on new blockbuster cancer drugs that cost billions to develop and can be sold for thousands of dollars a dose. In 2010, each of the top 10 cancer drugs topped more than $1 billion in sales, according

Scottish Independence: complex and vexatious

 Scots  will vote in a referendum on September 18 on separation from the United Kingdom. But the division of assets and liabilities in the break-up of a country is complex and vexatious – and in the case of Scotland, these matters are particularly

Scottish leader downplays difficulties of independence

JONATHAN MANTHORPEApril 23, 2014 Scotland’s First Minister and Nationalist Party leader Alex Salmond is generally reckoned to be the canniest politician in the British Isles. So it was entirely in keeping that he chose today, the day when the English patron saint

Findings: Earth Day Videos from the BBC

In honour of Earth Day and all this week, the BBC is running archive clips celebrating more than 50 years of natural history film-making by Sir David Attenborough. In the video below, from the BBC’s Blue Planet series, a leopard seal hunts

New: Hurricane Carter, and U.S. Gun Violence Research

For Canadian journalist Cheryl Hawkes, Rubin (Hurricane) Carter’s death over Easter brought back memories  about the quiet, private and powerful man who was, for a while, her neighbour in Toronto. You will find her column in our Loose Leaf salon — along

Weibo, the Free Market, and Censorship

Weibo, “China’s Twitter,” has begun offering shares on one of America’s free market stock exchanges. But unlike in the United States, where freedom of expression is protected, in China social media companies rely on censorship for their business model. Weibo’s regulatory disclosures

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