Typhoon Haiyan launches Philippines presidential campaign

By Jonathan Manthorpe November 22, 2013. When aid arrived this week in the Philippines’ Capiz region devastated by typhoon Haiyan, some of it came in tasteful blue bags decorated in prominent white letters with the name of Vice-President Jejomar Binay and adorned

Where were you when Kennedy was shot?

Fifty years ago today the world lost two major figures, two men who made a difference in the world: American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and British author Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. It is disconcertingly poignant that Kennedy’s famous death so

Who caused climate change?

Facts and Opinions reports on a new study that fingers 90 companies for some 2/3 of all emissions behind human-caused climate change. Excerpt: International debates about climate change, such as the United Nation talks now underway in Warsaw, have lately focused on

Swept away: beaches, dunes and wharves pulled out to sea.

By Charles MandelCHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island, Canada. April, 2005 Visitors to Prince Edward Island who return after being away for a while may be in for a shock. Some of the scenic spots on the tiny province’s coastline are changing beyond recognition.

Science interpretation for dummies – from lawmakers to journalists

That science is under siege has become a truism. Every conversation I have with a scientist, almost every public issue debate, every story I do about global crises, touches on censorship, religious and ideological beliefs, and a lack of education. Three scientists aim

Apocalypse soon: T.C. Boyle applies dark humour to a grim future

By CHARLES MANDEL A Friend of the EarthBy T.C. BoylePenguin Canada, 271 pages Half-way through T. Coraghessan Boyle’s A Friend of the Earth, a dark comedy about environmental failure set in 2025, one of the planet’s few remaining hyenas escapes from a rock star’s

A “gangrenous limb” speaks

One-time media tycoon, British Lord and American convict Conrad Black generated controversy recently when the Calgary Public Library Foundation named him the recipient of the Bob Edwards Award. The honour is bestowed annually in the Alberta city on an outspoken Canadian author.

Brennan remembers Kennedy, Ireland’s murdered king

In June of 1963, when American president John F. Kennedy came “home” to Ireland, Brian Brennan lined up with thousands of his fellow Irishmen on O’Connell Street in the centre of Dublin. They waited for hours to catch a glimpse of a famous

Book review: A Crowbar in the Buddhist Garden

Joyce Thierry Llewellyn first encountered author and convict Stephen Reid in 1988 when, as a university student, she interviewed him for an academic project. Back then  Reid had been out on parole for just a year, having spent 20 years in jail for

A bale of a good time

By CHARLES MANDEL AUBURNDALE, Nova Scotia, Canada Thursday night in Auburndale, Nova Scotia, and what’s the big entertainment? A drive-in movie, perhaps? Maybe dinner out? How about staring at a big field of hay? That doesn’t sound terribly promising, but over four balmy nights