“You are entitled to your opinion … you are not entitled to your own facts” –  Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Facts and Opinions is no longer publishing new stories, and is on hold for lack of a sustainable funding model for journalism.

Most recent works:

San Miguel de Allende: “NAFTA of Literary Festivals” , by Brian Brennan

A writers’ gathering in San Miguel de Allende (SMA), a colonial gem of cobbled streets and revolutionary charm, has been held annually since 2005, with an audience now of some 10,000. Its secrets to success include sun – lots of sun – a city that is culturally-rich and diverse, and  some of the world’s best-known authors.

Muskrat Falls hydroelectric – Who buried the risk assessment report? 
ROGER BILL  Reporting

Muskrat Falls, Labrador. Site of a proposed hydro electric project by the governments of Newfoundland and Quebec. This is downriver from the Churchill Falls Hydro project in Labrador. Photo by Greg Locke © 2017 DCS Files

Muskrat Falls, Labrador. Site of a proposed hydro electric project by the governments of Newfoundland and Quebec. This is downriver from the Churchill Falls Hydro project in Labrador.
Photo by Greg Locke (C) 2006


Note to readers: In the Autumn of 2013 a group of veteran professional journalists launched Facts and Opinions as a boutique journal, of reporting and analysis in words and images, without borders. Independent, non-partisan, and employee-owned, F&O was to reach out via the vast web and, to be free of conflicts of interest, funded only by readers — not by advertising, “branded content,” or organizations.

Amid massive cultural, political, financial and technological change, and a worsening crisis in the business of journalism caused largely by digital corporations like Facebook, F&O ceased publishing new works in 2017.  Thank you, to those those few hundred of you who supported our site. You were, sadly, too few among nearly 1/4 million readers, most unwilling to spend even pennies on journalism, even as many copy and paste our works onto Facebook or blogs.

Meantime, we invite you to read Elizabeth Kolbert’s review in the New Yorker of two important books about journalism media — and consider what is at stake in the survival of real journalism as a cornerstone of democracy. If we view ourselves as citizens of informed democracies, we have power to support or change systems. If we don’t, the cynicism or apathy of acting only as consumers will be self-fulfilling. Whether our future unfolds in democracies is our choice, and each of us has a stake.

Deborah Jones, former volunteer F&O editor



Regular contributors, most recent works:

BRIAN BRENNAN, features and Brief Encounters

San Miguel de Allende: “NAFTA of Literary Festivals” 
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GREG LOCKE, Photographer/F&O Web designer

Newfoundland’s fourth offshore oil project set to sail
Remembering War
Life goes on in rural Newfoundland
Mummers the Word
Welcome to Iceberg Alley
Under a malaria moon

JONATHAN MANTHORPE, International Affairs

For Britain, friendless desert looms behind Brexit door
Singapore rocked by ruling family feud 
British Election Brings Mayhem
Trump Cries Havoc! – Dogs (still) Kenneled
Theresa May’s election victory no longer certain
Broad alliances trump Trump for Israeli security

JIM McNIVEN, Thoughtlines

Why Celebrate July Fourth, or First?
Down and Dirty in the Trade Game
Nothing’s Happening
America’s Republican Quandary 
The System Comes First
America: Andrew Johnson Rides Again

TOM REGAN, Seeking Orenda

The putz in America’s room
Reflections of a Canadian abroad as Canada turns 150  
American Civil Discourse in Serious Trouble
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America’s Confederate icons must go
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